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Kristin Luna Ray is a PSEP (Somatic Experience Practitioner) , and is ERYT-200 Yoga Certified.   Luna leads a variety of classes, workshops and retreats, is a musician and international recording artist, and an activist for developing holistic and sustainable community collaboration.  Luna has a BA in Community Studies, and is a Co-Founder of True Nature Education ( and The CREER Service Organization (501c3).


"I have a deep curiosity, and passion for supporting people to heal, change and thrive.   My grounded presence, life experiences and creative spirit provide safety and ease for others.   When we feel safe, we relax, and then we can find true connection; to ourselves, to each other, and possibly to something larger. This builds body, mind, spirit resilience, and changes how we think and feel. Inevitably this leads one to a more fulfilling, and meaningful life."  

"I draw upon the foundations of  Somatic Experiencing (SE), Music, Dance, Yoga, Community Building and Self-reflection to offer profound one-on-one sessions, workshops, classes and concerts." 


Luna settles in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband Joshua, and their two beautiful daughters.


For more detailed information about Luna's work, or to book a session, see the four pillars below that Luna offers sessions through.  

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing TM (SE) was developed by Peter Levine, Ph.D. to help people heal and thrive.  It is a gentle, and effective approach to healing trauma.


Music is the language of the soul. Music heals, music connects, and music has been an integral part of Luna's life for the past 25 years.

Yoga for All Bodies 

Yoga means union.  Through yoga practices, we internally move energy in skillful ways to create health and wellness.  

Women's Work

This is a circle of presence, trust, and support to empower women, to uplift our spirits, and to feel the ancient ways of harmony. 

Flower in Sunlight

"Through my SE sessions with Luna, I gained a deeper knowing of my nervous system and increased awareness of how reactionary cycles manifested in my body. Luna's kind spirit allowed me to feel safe and held while gently guiding me through each sensation and emotion. As a result of our work together, I find myself able to observe and move through uncomfortable trauma cycles with more ease and presence. Her experience as not only a facilitator of but also a recipient of SE therapy allows her to share and demonstrate the benefits of SE work in a way that is relatable and genuine. Luna radiates authenticity and love, which helped me to really show up and be open to discovery in a vulnerable dynamic."


-Kristyn, age 30

Asheville, NC

Luna holds a solid, bright and generous presence for my body's own process to unfold.  Without imposing an agenda, she has been able to follow the trajectory of a sensation to a reliable resolution.  I have kind of been in awe!  As someone who does a lot of their own body-based movement practice, I am even more profoundly grateful to discover a new solidity, reliability and alliance with my body, and am learning a new capacity to be present for myself in the midst of turbulence.


Jeri, Age 27

Asheville, NC 

Thank you, Luna, for offering SE to me. It really dovetailed with the course I've been taking on listening to my soul. It relates to the wisdom that is within us, if we listen. Your guidance during our sessions was very sensitive and attuned to moments when I could explore parts of myself that I was not aware of. I could recognize old feelings that still held some influence over how I interact with the world today. Recognizing them gave me a certain freedom, and new options. It is really fascinating the connection of our body with our experiences. I enjoyed your sense of humor and compassion. Yes, acknowledging personal trauma liberates, not only oneself but offers a bit more freedom to all of humanity. Thank you for your kind and generous work.

Priscilla, Age 61

Asheville, NC



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