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 Luna Ray
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Luna is a PSEP (Somatic Experience Practitioner) , and is ERYT-200 Yoga Certified.   For over 15 years, Luna has been leading a variety of body-centered classes, sessions, workshops and retreats locally and internationally.  She is a musician and international recording artist, has a BA in Community Studies, and is an activist for developing holistic and sustainable community collaboration.  Luna recently completed a 50 hour Embodied Social Justice training, and has been consistently engaged in local social justice advocacy work for the past 2 years.  Luna has a BA in Community Studies, and is a Co-Founder of True Nature Education ( and The CREER Service Organization (501c3).


"I have a deep curiosity, and passion for supporting people to heal, change and thrive.   My authentic presence, life experiences and creative spirit provide safety and ease for others.   When we feel safe, we relax, and then we can find true connection; to ourselves, to each other, and possibly to something larger. This builds body, mind, spirit resilience, and changes how we think and feel. Inevitably this leads one to a more fulfilling, and meaningful life."  

"I draw upon the foundations of  Somatic Experiencing (SE), Music, Dance, Yoga, Community Building and Self-reflection to offer profound one-on-one sessions, workshops, classes and concerts." 


Luna settles in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband Joshua, and their two beautiful daughters.


For more detailed information about Luna's work, or to book a session, see the four pillars below that Luna offers sessions through.  

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Somatic Experiencing


Luna offers one on one somatic experiencing sessions in person or on zoom. Somatic Experiencing TM (SE) was developed by Peter Levine, Ph.D. to help people heal and thrive.  It is a gentle, and effective approach to healing trauma and finding more ease in everyday life.

Luna offers one on one and small group music sessions. These sessions are designed to empower and inspire creativity through learning to play an instrument, singing, or offering music in the classes you teach. Each session is designed to uniquely meet you at your skill level. 


Yoga for All Bodies 
Women's Work &

Luna offers weekly classes around Asheville, NC. She also offers 200 hr and 500 hr TT modules that she teaches around the Eastern US. She is available for one on one yoga sessions as well as group yoga sessions. 


Luna has a deep passion for empowering all those who identify as women. She offers an online, weekly women's group called "When Women Come to Pray". She also offers a variety of retreats, local and international, throughout the year for women.

Pink Flower
 "Luna has an amazing capacity to hold a safe, loving, compassionate space.  I have found Somatic Experiencing to be life changing and crucial to expanding my resiliency in responding to all of life’s stresses while also increasing my moments of harmony, calm, and joy.  Luna has a special gift in navigating each session with such brilliance and creativity as she seems know just the right directions to take each moment.  I leave every session in awe of my body, my capacity, and just really feeling cherished and loved."

Sarah B.

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