After years of talk therapy, where I felt labeled, and the only advice from the therapists were things I already knew, I found Luna in a yoga workshop and for the first time something shifted.  I didn’t feel labeled, she didn’t tell me what to do, or how I should work through my feelings.  Instead she showed me a way to listen to my body, to hear what my body was telling me.  I have childhood trauma that continues to repeat itself in adult relationships. This work with Luna brought awareness to the triggers and reactions that I was experiencing and gently guides me to release the energy, the patterns, and the triggers from my body.  After 9 months, I feel that I have a voice, that I have control over my emotions and that I have the power within me to recognize and understand triggers when they start and I can bring myself back to a sense of calm and balance.
Jenny C.

 Luna has an amazing capacity to hold a safe, loving, compassionate space.  I have found Somatic Experiencing to be life changing and crucial to expanding my resiliency in responding to all of life’s stresses while also increasing my moments of harmony, calm, and joy.  Luna has a special gift in navigating each session with such brilliance and creativity as she seems know just the right directions to take each moment.  I leave every session in awe of my body, my capacity, and just really feeling cherished and loved.
Sarah B.

Luna holds a solid, bright and generous presence for my body's own process to unfold.  Without imposing an agenda, she has been able to follow the trajectory of a sensation to a reliable resolution.  I have been in awe!  As someone who does a lot of their own body-based movement practice, I am even more profoundly grateful to discover a new solidity, reliability and alliance with my body, and am learning a new capacity to be present for myself in the midst of turbulence.

Thank you, Luna, for offering SE to me. It really dovetailed with the course I've been taking on listening to my soul. It relates to the wisdom that is within us, if we listen. Your guidance during our sessions was very sensitive and attuned to moments when I could explore parts of myself that I was not aware of. I could recognize old feelings that still held some influence over how I interact with the world today. Recognizing them gave me a certain freedom, and new options. It is really fascinating the connection of our body with our experiences. I enjoyed your sense of humor and compassion. Yes, acknowledging personal trauma liberates, not only oneself but offers a bit more freedom to all of humanity. Thank you for your kind and generous work.


Thank you so very much for your expert guidance and facilitation of our small but mighty group. It was as if layers kept peeling away to show more of the beauty and value of the lessons. More correctly, to show more of each person’s divine nature and soul. I find it remarkable that the facilitation was done in so many different ways, each reinforcing the other. Music, mantras, stories, practice, sharing, sacred objects, the alter, journaling, somatic awareness, and teaching. All of this and more gave me a much greater appreciation and awareness of the divinity and struggles of everyone else. As time passes and teachings continue, I’ll have a greater understanding.  The processing of the experiences continues. Please know that you do very important work. Thank you so very much for doing this work for us.  
James T.